Choi Implanter

Problems in hair density, severe hair loss, problematic areas due to wounds and burns and baldness due to genetic factors are an important problem for individuals of all ages.


Depending on many different reasons, applications such as eyebrow transplantation and hair transplantation that require hair root transplantation can be preferred.

Kaş ekimi uygulaması da bu noktada hayatımıza giriyor. Kaç ekimi, haddinden fazla ince alınmış kaşların yeniden çıkmaya başlaması ya da dökülen kaşların yerinin doldurulması amacı ile uygulanan bir işlemdir.

FUE Kas EKimi

Beard and mustache transplantation is the solution to a very important problem for men. Every man wants to have a natural, looking good and well-shaped beard and mustache.

Sakal ve Bıyık Ekimi

PRP treatment, which is a good opportunity offered to us by the medical world, can be preferred for many different reasons. Magnificent information is reached when the application is examined with it’s details and it brings many advantages.

With our Oxygenated Hair Transplantation services, you can reach your hair in your dreams in a painless and healthy way with Comfort-In device!

Oksijenli Saç Ekimi Fiyatlari

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