Hair problems are the most important problems that affect social life and decrease the quality of life. There may be various different problems that require hair transplantation.

Wounds and burn scars do not allow new hair growth and hair loss in different ages due to various reasons. In both circumstances Oxygenated hair transplantation canbe necessary . Oxygenated hair transplantation is one of the most important remedies for such problems. The rapid development of technology together with medicine offers us many treatments today. Oxygenated hair transplantation, which has emerged as an important example in recent years, has rapidly become the most preferred application. Today, if you want clearer results and want to increase the possibility of successful hair transplantation, oxygenated hair transplantation may be the right choice for you.

If we mention about more technical details ,oxygenated hair transplantation can be called shortening the recovery time in hair root transplantation. Hair transplantation is generally the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the dense areas to the regions with less follicles.

The survival of hair follicles in their new places provides both natural and healthiest results. Therefore, it is the most preferred method. This method, which is preferred by those who try to deal with hair loss, is closely related to men. Hair loss, which is frequently seen in both early and later ages in men, may require the application of oxygenated hair transplantation. Many factors, from genetic factors to environmental factors, come into play, resulting in extremely natural results with hair transplantation. The concept of oxygenated hair transplantation allows us to see the results faster. Therefore, you should consider oxygenated hair transplantation which can be considered as one of the most important opportunities of recent times. It should be remembered that the centers offering this opportunity are also numbered. So, if you take a closer look, what is this oxygenated plantation?

What is and what is not Oxygenated Hair Transplantation?

The concept of oxygenated hair transplantation has recently attracted attention. We know the application of hair transplantation. Briefly, it is the process of transplanting one’s own hair follicles from a dense area to a shedding area. This transplantation procedure, which is also referred to as graft transplantation, is highly preferred as it presents with great success rates. The most important point in all hair transplantation applications is the meeting of hair follicles with blood circulation. In this way, the hair roots quickly begin to catch harmony. In short, the transplanted tissue needs to get acquainted with the blood circulation. This actually means meeting with oxygen. This is where the concept of oxygenated plantation comes from. With the application called Oxygen Therapy, the healing process after hair transplantation is accelerated considerably. Normally, recovery lasts for an average of 15 days and decreases to 9 days. With this treatment, the tissue reaches to oxygen rapidly. As a result, today we know this Oxygenated Hair Transplantation application and we prefer it.
It is not possible not to use a special treatment such as oxygenated hair transplantation which shortens the healing process. Moreover, oxygenated hair transplantation can be performed easily in expert hands.

How is Oxygenated Hair Transplantation done?

Oxygen hair transplantation is a good alternative with high success rates. The method of application is a matter of curiosity. In fact, the most curious part of the hair transplantation is not the application of transplantation.It is the concept of oxygen .

In fact, an extremely simple process in the application of oxygen hair transplantation works. When you decide to have oxygenated hair transplantation, you should discuss the details with your specialist and do not worry about the application of oxygen. In this application, firstly, the efficient hair follicles located behind the ear are taken and kept in the nutritious liquid. This application provides further strengthening of the hair follicles. Then, the experts determine the forehead line and prepare the channels for hair transplantation in this region where muscles are not involved. The next step is for you to rest.

While you eat your food and drink your coffee, the experts make the final checks. Thereafter, continues to the oxygen treatment which have great benefits and replacing the hair follicles. Oxygen treatment contributes to healing and affects growth factors and stem cells. Therefore, it makes it easier to hold the hair follicles to the surface when it is oxygenated. Both blood is cleaned and it is possible for people to breathe easily. This is where exactly we can see the importance of oxygenated hair transplantation. The displaced hair follicle, that is, the tissue under which oxygenated hair is transplanted, needs oxygen to adapt to its new location and to perform its functions. As it will be exposed to oxygen intensely with the application, it will start to function easily.

In other words, Oxygenated hair transplantation application ensures that hair transplantation is performed with great success. PRP treatment that is done right after hair transplantation will also have a doping effect. On the other hand , medicines and special shampoos that your doctors will give is going to make your application even more successful. You will also be able to be in continuous communication with your doctor after 15 days from the application. And 6 months after the procedure you will be in continuous communication with your doctor to discuss the condition of your hair. The center where you leave by taking the guarantee certificate of your hair , will give you the new stage of your life.
In addition to all of this, another subject of curiosity is ‘’Who can have the oxygenated hair transplantation ?

Who can get oxygenated hair transplantation?

This is the first question that comes to mind of those who are confronted with hair loss right after they meet with oxygenated hair transplantation . Who can get oxygenated hair transplantation ? Who can benefit from this application? In fact, there are no limitations to this application. This can only be related to the details of the operation. So if you want to have oxygenated hair transplantation, you should first start by talking to an expert and express your desire. Oxygenated hair transplantation can be done if it is appropriate for you. Hair transplantation can be applied over a wide age range and we see that oxygenated hair transplantation is also possible in the same age range in general. However, it may not be appropriate in some special cases. Your doctor will also remark this. Therefore, your priority should be to talk to an expert for oxygenatated hair transplantation application and to act under his guidance.

Why do we need oxygen hair transplantation?

Hair loss and baldness can be annoying in both young and further ages. It is very important to eliminate this problem that affects both our psychology and our social life. The application of oxygenated hair transplantation aims to eliminate such an important problem and can find application areas in a wide range of age . Oxygenated Hair Transplantation, especially is applicated to the ones who has hair loss due to genetic or environmental factors. With this method , if the hair is not shed completely or if it is shed partially , hair follicles taken from the dense areas can easily be transferred to the areas where baldness begins .On the other hand, those needing Oxygenated Hair Transplantation may be those who have various scars and burns. These people can be uncomfortable with the wounds being remarkable. Oxygenated Hair Transplantation, on the other hand, cannot treat the wound, but can camouflage the scars thanks to the hair. Therefore, in such special cases Oxygenated Hair Transplantation is a miraculous solution.
You can choose to get Oxygenated Hair Transplantation to get rid of the problems you have experienced in social life, to add value to your life and to be more happy. Moreover, Oxygenated Hair Transplantation can be performed easily. In other words, Oxygenated Hair Transplantation does not bother you, it allows you to recover as soon as possible. Oxygenated Hair Transplantation is a great opportunity when it is carried out by the experts as us and it is extremely easy and contains many benefits for your health.

What are the factors that effect the price of hair transplantation?

* Hair quality is the first factor that will determine the prices of hair transplantation.
* In order for the hair to have a natural appearance, it should be determined how often it should be transplanted.
* How much hair is needed for the person who wants to have hair transplantation has to to be determined
* The number of hair follicles to be transplanted should be determined.
* Which method should be applied during hair transplantation should be determined.
* Where, in which clinic or hospital the transplantation will be held should be determined.
* The expertise of the doctor who will make hair transplantation is an effective factor in determining the prices and success of the procedure.
* Demand at that time for hair transplantation is one of the factors affecting prices.
* Analysis and examinations that are made to the person before the hair transplantation will affect the price
Hair transplantation prices have characteristics that vary each year. The existence of new surgical interventions in this area is an important factor that causes changes in prices. Another issue that is considered as an important factor in determining the average prices of hair transplantation is how to make a labor effort during hair transplantation and to evaluate the time spent on it. It should also be known that hair transplantation prices will vary according to the center where this will be applied and the characteristics of the doctor who will perform the hair transplantation.
2019 Hair Transplantation Rates
With the arrival of 2019, the prices of many services changed as well as hair transplantation prices. As mentioned above, prices can vary from the possibilities of the planting center to the amount of planting. To get the best results at this point, you need to give importance to selection of the center and have the hair transplant operation done by specialist doctors.

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