PRP treatment, which is a good opportunity offered to us by the medical world, can be preferred for many different reasons. Magnificent information is reached when the application is examined with it’s details and it brings many advantages. Now let’s talk about the details of this application for those who will prefer PRP treatment as hair treatment. If you want to choose this method but encounter many question marks, you should review the information we have collected about PRP treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma is a shortened form of the concept of PRP treatment, which is based on the process of injecting blood cells under the skin. It should be mentioned separately from it’s function than what is obtained with this application. First, let’s see what PRP treatment is.

What is Hair PRP Treatment?

As we mentioned, PRP treatment is the process of injecting blood cells under the scalp. This application acts as an important repairer on the scalp. It is also preferred as a remedy for skin problems in many different regions. Because these blood cells have tissue repairing functions. This treatment, which initiates or accelerates the regeneration process of the cells, eliminates the problems that arise with aging over time or as a result of adversities such as malnutrition, alcohol and smoking. Such factors mean slowing cell renewal. This can result in a variety of ways. For example, hair loss, baldness… PRP treatment plays an active role at this point and restarts cell renewal or increases the current speed. These results obtained with PRP treatment can be interpreted as miraculous results especially for people over a certain age. PRP treatment is not limited to these. There are many different applications involved and we are able to achieve many different results.

The result of our interest is of course the function of the scalp. Because it is an effective factor in cases such as shedding and becoming wide apart,it can provide hair growth again. These miraculous results can be achieved with PRP treatment. On the other hand, many advantages are obtained since PRP treatment is based on tissue repair and can be achieved by injecting blood cells under the skin. For example, volume loss in different parts of the skin can be treated with this technique.

Another important function of PRP treatment is seen during hair transplantation. With this treatment, it is possible to reduce the number of follicles that have died during the transplantation of hair follicles. Because the rate of holding of the transplanted roots can be increased with PRP treatment. In this way, the healing process after hair transplantation is accelerated and a solution to the patient’s impatience is also found.

How Hair PRP Treatment is done?

This is one of the important problems of those who want to have PRP treatment. It is wondered how this process works and what kind of operations are performed. Since PRP treatment is based on the Platelet Rich Plasma concept, we see how platelets play an active role in the repair process. Platelets, which accelerate the repair process of the organism and become active against tissue damage, release many factors that enhance the tissue. In other words, the factors that give the name of PRP treatment lead the process in this way. In practice, PRP treatment is carried out by passing the blood through the necessary stages. First of all, the blood will be passed through certain stages. It will then inject the PRP into the scalp with fine-tipped needles. All these procedures will be completed approximately in 30 minutes. PRP treatment can be applied in such a short time but it gives very successful results.

What are the Advantages of Hair PRP Treatment?

*PRP treatment has many functions and application fields. In this article, we will examine all of these and it not possible not to mention the advantages of PRP treatment. Let’s see the specified advantages of PRP treatment and learn what we will achieve with this technique.

*The most important factor is the allergy and similar conditions caused by PRP treatment because it is applied with blood cells. However, as the person’s own blood will be used, there is no risk of allergy or blood-borne disease. Besides there is also no rejection problem. Shortly, PRP treatment is extremely risk-free.

*Another important advantage is that the healing process is short. Due to its content, PRP treatment accelerates the healing process. It produces rapid results due to its repair function.

*It is undoubtedly the ability to repair tissues that constitutes the basis of PRP treatment and is also considered as its most important advantage. While accelerating the treatment process, it is possible to say that it gives the youth almost by repairing the tissues….The emergence of fresh tissues with new collagen production, new vascular development and restructuring of the intercellular environment …Is it not the youth?

*Because of its basic logic, PRP treatment is rich in hormones, vitamins and all other nutritional elements.

*Finally, it is necessary to mention the application part of the work. PRP treatment is applicable easily and comfortable method. PRP treatment is extremely comfortable and does not cause problems. For all these reasons, PRP treatment is highly preferred today. Thus, we have listed the reasons for preferring the treatment that can meet different demands and find many application areas.

FAQs About Hair PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is preferred because of its advantages that we listed above. When we look at the profile of the people who prefers to have threatment, we see a wide age range. Puberty is usually expected to be completed but there is no age restriction of age. PRP treatment is preferred by all men and women… PRP treatment, which is especially preferred as hair treatment, is very beneficial in hair transplantation. With the PRP treatment, the healing process is shortened after hair transplantation and a significant decrease in the mortality rate of hair follicles is observed. If you are concerned about PRP treatment and you have question marks about the risks, you should know that it has minimum risks.

For those who prefer PRP treatment, a certain examination will be carried out first. This allows you to decide and get PRP treatment. You can have more lush, more natural and healthier hair, especially with PRP, a hair treatment that is sought by hair transplanters. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it is totally risk-free and problem-free. It can be applied in as little as 30 minutes and can produce great results. It will be a great opportunity for you to be able to regenerate the tissue without risk in today’s medical techniques. Great results cannot be ignored.

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