Problems in hair density, severe hair loss, problematic areas due to wounds and burns and baldness due to genetic factors are an important problem for individuals of all ages. Fortunately, experts offer solutions to these problems. Moreover, with a developing technology and medical techniques day by day. We can say that Choi Implanter is one of the new and special techniques. This method, which requires experience and skill, can be applied in special centers and gives very successful results. Choi Implanter is an option that has recently increased its popularity and eligibility rapidly. Because everyone will choose the method that will give the best results. At this point, we can understand that there are many questions in your mind regarding the Choi Implanter. Let’s go into details immediately and see what Choi Implanter is, what isn’t, what are its advantages. While Choi Implanter can be briefly described as one of the newest and most successful techniques, we will see what parts will appeal to you. Choi Implanter details are in the continuation of our article.

What is and what is not Choi Implanter?

Choi Implanter, which is heard by almost everybody who is thinking about having hair transplation and it is a new application and experience is very important for Choi Implanter. First let’s start with the part of what Choi Implanter is not. In classical hair transplantation method, Lateral Slit technique is used as the classical method in hair transplantation process. In this technique, scars of cutting occur after transplantation and therefore it is not possible to perform a dense transplantation. This situation has been seen as a bearable condition for those who want to have hair transplantation and this is the most applied method. Choi Implanter is a newer alternative. In the Choi Implanter technique, there are no scars of cut in Choi Implanter. In contrast, the channel method is used. In this case, a dense hair transplantation can be performed by doing both transplantation and opening channels at the same time. Thanks to Choi Implanter technique, both the hair follicles are not damaged, and more dense transplantation is carried out, also depending on all these, people are more satisfied while leaving the center.

When we compare Choi Implanter with the classical method ,there is actually a not a big difference in the removal of hair follicles. A plus FUE method is used in both techniques. In this way, it is possible to remove the hair follicles for transplantation without any problem. The difference arises at the point where the roots are transferred to the new location. Choi Implanter is engaged in the transplantation of thin hair follicles and gives successful results. Again, it is worth mentioning that in Choi Implanter high experience in practice is demanded. So you can find this service in some special centers. You can have more bushy, more dense hair with the experts qualified to make this application.

Advantages of Choi Implanter Technique

Choi Implanter application provides many advantages for many different reasons. Here we will briefly talk about the reasons for choosing Choi Implanter. Evaluating these advantages, you can decide whether Choi Implanter technique is right or not for you. Let’s list the advantages immediately without further ado and see what kind of conveniences and advantages it brings to our lives.

*Choi Implanter technique is actually called as ‘’No Touch’’ because the hair is carried out without touching the root. Compared to other techniques, graft damage is observed to a lesser extent and Choi Implanter is noted for minimizing damage.

*We would like the hair transplantation to give more efficient results, right? In other words, if a hair transplantation is to be performed, we would like to have the most lush hair possible. This is possible with Choi Implanter. The method that allows to make more frequent hair transplantation and this means that you have more dense hair.

*From the point of view of the experts, Choi Implanter technique makes it easier to determine the angle of the hair follicles. This is one of the important advantages of Choi Implanter…

*Choi Implanter also offers advantages in bleeding of the hair follicles. Bleeding is less in Choi Implanter compared to other applications.

*In classical hair transplantation applications, it may be possible to have pits or scars on the hair bases. Choi Implanter technique differs from classical techniques just in here. Because Choi Implanter minimizes such results.

*Finally, let’s talk about the natural results that we can accept as an advantage. Choi Implanter gives you more natural looking hair. You can have hair that does not separate from your existing hair. Choi Implanter technique stands out with such advantages.

What is mostly wondered about the technique?

In this article we try to answer the curiosity of those who have the desire to have hair transplantation, we can finally sum up the subject by mentioning certain special details. Of course, the questions of those who will choose Choi Implanter are most focused on the operation. Let’s get this straight. An apparatus called the Choi Implant pen is used. This pen is a hollow and reciprocating system with a needle at the end. The hair follicles are collected individually by this pencil and placed in their new place instantly. Choi Implanter technique is based on this practice and no pain or ache is felt during this process.

Although Choi Implanter is implemented with such a simple system, it is highly successful. So you might think you’ve been waiting in vain for a hair transplantation. Choi Implanter is an effortless and painless application that can change your life. You can be happier, more confident, and look to the future with brighter eyes. Because problems with this kind of appearance affect human life inevitably. Choi Implanter is a great opportunity to make your life beautiful at this point. You can get detailed information about Choi Implanter and discuss your suitability for this technique. You can have a Choi Implanter application that gives great results with the doctors you trust and you may think that you are late in hair transplantation.

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