Depending on many different reasons, applications such as eyebrow transplantation and hair transplantation that require hair root transplantation can be preferred. Burn and scar transplantation is one of the applications we will consider in this context. Before moving on to what is and what is not burn and scar transplantation, let’s talk about how much the application is preferred. Wounds caused by various accidents or burn marks similarly  may result in the absence of hair in the concerned area. This means unwanted images. It often affects social life and may leave unwanted memories. Therefore, burn and scar transplantation can be the most important part of such applications. Lastly, when we ask what is burn and scar transplantation and how to do burn and scar transplantation, let us remind you that such practices make our lives better. Great results can be achieved without ever having to be feared. We can see this in the details of the application.

What is Burn and Scar Transplantation?

When defining burns and scar transplantation, we must state that burns or scars are not removed but only camouflaged. Burn and scar transplantation is basically the transplantation of healthy hair follicles into the damaged area. In this way, the scars are hidden and a natural appearance is obtained. In burn and scar transplantation, the damaged area should be checked first. The condition of the skin and the circulation in that area should be checked. Accordingly, an intervention will be performed and burn and scar transplantation will be performed .The FUE method that is preferred for hair transplantation is also preferred for burn and scar transplantation. In this way, the application will take only 1 – 2 hours, will be completed quickly. This problem, which visually disturbs you and psychologically affects you, can easily be eliminated with burn and scar transplantation. Burn and scar transplantation with local anesthesia offers a comfortable application process. Which means there’s nothing to be afraid of having burns and scar transplantation. After a comfortable operation, you can return to your daily life in just a few days. Burn and scar transplantation can result in such a simple process. We need to talk about what awaits you after the operation. After the burn and scar transplantation operation, a process that is not too tiring but requires some attention and care is waiting for you.

Process after Burn and Scar Transplantation

Basically, with burn and scar transplantation ,we are talking about the process of transplanting the hair follicles to a different area … This operation will vary according to the current situation of the person. However, in general, burn and scar transplantation takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the region. After burn and scar transplantation, the scabs will be shed after 10 days. There will be hair loss in the following 3 weeks. Spills can be observed regionally or in all the region in burn and scar transplantation. This should not be a thing to be afraid of. It should not be worried that this is a common process in burn and scar transplantation. When shedding hair starts to grow again after a period of 3 months, you will experience real results. Soon you can fully observe the spectacular results of the burn and scar transplantation operation. You will be delighted that the damaged area is completely closed. After the burn and scar transplantation, you can eliminate the problems in your social life. Your return to your daily life can be on the same day as the operation. In some cases, this period may take 1-2 days. For this, you should contact a specialist and get detailed information about burn and scar transplantation. Information will be provided in accordance with your specific situation and the process of burn and scar transplantation will be discussed in detail.

Who Can Have Burn and Scar Transplantation?

Areas such as hair and beard are the ones that are in front of everyone’s eyes and attract the attention of everyone we communicate with. Wound and burn marks in these areas are extremely annoying. Especially if we are talking about the young age, a situation that adversely affects social life and harms psychology emerges. With burn and scar transplantation, this problem disappears and individuals of all ages are involved in a social life where they are happier. Wounds caused by various reasons and especially burns are an important reason for the absence of hair and beard. However, the size of the scars and the rate of damage may require different burn and scar transplantation processes. Burn and scar transplantation, which everyone can choose to have it done, is a process that will be shaped by examining the region in question. So you can have it done,  but you should talk to an expert to find out about your eligibility and get the details of the process. In this way, you can achieve a perfect appearance after a smooth burn and scar transplantation process.

Why Shold We Have Burn and Scar Transplantation?

There are actually many answers to this question. But above all, the most important answer is the quality of life. Because burn and scar transplantation prevents you from encountering reactions or curious looks in social life. Wounds in front of the eye, cause you to be faced of with curious looks in every environment. Preventing this is extremely easy with burns and scar transplantation. On the other hand, curious looks and questions may start to cause psychological distress after a certain period of time. Shyness, isolation, problems in social relations and most importantly self-confidence problems may arise. Especially when we are talking about young people, this indicates the existence of an extremely serious problem. While there is a simple operation such as burn and scar transplantation, it will be inconvenient to bear all these problems. Burn and scar transplantation is a procedure that lasts only 1 – 2 hours and is almost without risks. In other words, many problems that you grow, can be solved in only 1-2 hours with burns and scar transplantation. In this case, there is no point in enduring these problems. You can get information about the procedures of burn and scar transplantation changing according to the person and you can have this operation that will reshape your social life as soon as possible. Burn and scar transplantation can sometimes be the full name of quality of life in some cases. If you started to experience these problems, you have already reduced your quality of life. With burns and scar transplantation you can catch your old standards again. In other words, burn and scar transplantation has a special and different position among the processes such as hair and beard transplantation. Burn and scar transplantation, which is a simple solution to a big problem, is a process that allows you to get in touch with a specialist and have it done in a short time. You can also have burns and scars transplantation for a smoother appearance and to increase your self-confidence. Take action quickly and get detailed information about burns and scar transplantation.

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